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Thangool State School

Thangool State School provides a warm, supportive environment where all students are given the best opportunity to reach their potential. Our school is set in a rural environment, where primary industries have traditionally provided the chief form of income for families attending our school.

Our mission statement is to facilitate each child with reaching their level of excellence. Being a State School, it offers educational programs to the whole spectrum of preparatory and primary school children. Thangool has developed a reputation for being a community school, where community support has been almost guaranteed.

Today, the school endeavours to follow its traditions, whilst accommodating the changes demanded as globally, we are in transit from an Industrial to an Information Technology society. We are fortunate to have a staff of dedicated teachers, aides and administration, solid parental interest and backing, a body of quality students and a community which concerns itself with providing a positive and supportive educational environment.




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